At our Warriewood childcare centre and preschool, we nurture and embrace curious minds.

mi kids is a family owned long-day early childhood school aiming for excellence in early childhood education and care. We are nurturing and embracing curious minds.

We are a long daycare and early childhood centre conveniently located at 137 Warriewood Road, Warriewood.

We serve families in the Northern Beaches community and beyond.  Our educators provide a nurturing, happy and stimulating learning environment for children from six weeks old to when they start school. Our centre provides children and families quality care and education within a warm, welcoming, nurturing and enjoyable environment.  We celebrate all types of learners – ensuring each child feels valued and encouraged to develop to their full potential.

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mi kids embraces different learning styles.

Following Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence, mi kids embraces the different learning styles of each child through the physical environment and through our daily programs, expressing learning opportunities in multiple ways through music, bodily kinesthetics, mathematics, visual, verbal, nature and group experiences.

We offer and are committed to thoughtful and meaningful programs that are based on the diversity of learners in our school and work together with community groups and families to pursue excellence through collaborative and reflective teaching practices. Through a nurturing environment we put children’s rights first and give each child a sense of belonging, being and becoming. Celebrating diversity, culturally and intellectually within the child, the family and the community.


childcare national standards exceeding

Our Centre exceeds National quality standards

We extremely are extremely proud to report that the as per the Department of Education’s 2020 assessment and rating process, mi kids has been rated as… EXCEEDING NATIONAL QUALITY STANDARDS UNDER THE NATIONAL QUALITY FRAMEWORK!

We are so proud of our mi kids team for helping create such a nurturing, responsive, inclusive and safe environment for the children. This rating is evidence of our passion to deliver something that exceeds industry standards. What this means and our rating summary  »


Monday – Friday
7.00am to 6pm

We operate 50 weeks of the year and closed on public holidays. The Centre shuts down for 2 weeks during the Christmas/ New Years Holiday so that educators can recharge their batteries and families don’t have to pay during the festive period and have more time with their children.


To maintain consistency and help settle our children, we have a consecutive day policy :

  • Minimum 2 consecutive days: Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday
  • Any bookings of 3 days or more must include either a Monday or Friday
  • 5 days

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What We Believe…


Our first and foremost priority is putting our children first and providing them with quality care.  To achieve this we believe in optimizing the time educators have with each child through increasing the educator to child ratio in each room. Also for educators to be more present with each child we are restricting documentation for daily learning to be only a reflective journal for the day with meaningful photos. We strongly believe children will benefit more with educators being with them in the present moment and are tailoring our system to allow staff to concentrate on achieving this.

To help children transition between rooms we have made the nursery and toddler room open so children can freely move between rooms in the morning and afternoon.  Likewise, the preschool rooms are open for free-flowing movement between rooms to encourage relationships to formed between children and educators in different rooms.  To assist children in settling in we have a consecutive day attendance policy with minimum 2 days, so that children are socializing with the same children most days enabling them to form bonds and participate in the program happily.


Our priority is to creating a safe haven for kids by respecting and upholding their rights and connecting with families. At mi kids, we seek to form supportive and lasting relationships with families and carers to ensure our care is responsive to the individual needs of each child. mi kids believes each family that enters our doors is part of our extended family.


We strongly believe it takes a community to raise a child! We feel we all have a role to play in raising the next generation and creating responsible citizens who will make a positive contribution to our society.  At mi kids, we go beyond the walls of the centre and seek to participate in the community which embraces us.


mi kids seeks to provide a safe environment which encourages children to explore. Our centre has been designed in alignment with Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences theory. This theory recognising numerous areas of ability including :

  • musical-rhythmic
  • visual-spatial
  • verbal-linguistic
  • logical-mathematical
  • bodily-kinesthetic
  • interpersonal
  • intrapersonal
  • naturalistic

The aim is to let children explore their own interest and to empower them rather than restrict to one way of learning. We believe the environment is the third teacher!


Children are curious about how the world works and mi kids harnesses this curiosity through co-operative learning experiences.  We provide good quality, open ended resources aimed at promoting child-directed play which is both purposeful and engaging. Our curriculum also incorporates Gardners’ theory of multiple intelligence – ensuring teacher-led sessions are presented in a variety of ways to cater for different learning styles.  Our educators work with you – the families and children – to constantly evolve our programs and learning experiences.


mi kids believes in leading by example. We actively seek ways to demonstrate our commitment to sustainable education practice. To this end, we are pursuing a paperless administration system as well as involving our young children and staff in on-site conservation and waste minimisation projects.