Adopting Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence at our childcare centre & pre-school

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mi kids is a pre-school, childcare and daycare centre adopting Gardner’s Theory on the Northern Beaches Sydney.

The Eight Types of Learners.

Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence proposes that there are eight types of learners which are the following:

  1. musical-rhythmic,
  2. visual-spatial,
  3. verbal-linguistic,
  4. logical-mathematical,
  5. bodily-kinesthetic,
  6. interpersonal,
  7. intrapersonal, and
  8. naturalistic.

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How we empower learning in children.

Gardner opposes the idea of labelling learners to a specific intelligence. Gardner maintains that his theory should “empower learners”, not restrict them to one modality of learning.  According to Gardner, an intelligence is “a biopsychological potential to process information that can be activated in a cultural setting to solve problems or create products that are of value in a culture.”

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An environment for all learning types.

At mi kids we set our learning environments up to cater to the different types of learners and use this to help us to determine the different types of learners we have in our room.  This then supports our curriculum and how we deliver our program so that all children benefit and are engaged with our learning experiences.

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About mi kids childcare centre and preschool.

mi kids is a family owned long-day early childhood school aiming for excellence in early childhood education and care that adopts Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence learning.

We serve families in the Northern Beaches community and beyond.  Our educators provide a nurturing, happy and stimulating learning environment for children from six weeks old to when they start school. Our centre provides children and families quality care and education in a warm, welcoming, nurturing and enjoyable environment.  We celebrate all types of learners – ensuring each child feels valued and encouraged to develop to their full potential.

We offer and are committed to thoughtful and meaningful programs that are based on the diversity of learners in our school and work together with community groups and families to pursue excellence through collaborative and reflective teaching practices. Through a nurturing environment, we put children’s rights first and give each child a sense of belonging, being and becoming. Celebrating diversity, culturally and intellectually within the child, the family and the community.


Monday – Friday : 7.00am to 6pm.

We operate 50 weeks of the year and closed on public holidays. The 2 weeks is a Centre shut down during the Christmas/ New Years Holiday so that educators can recharge their batteries and families don’t have to pay during the festive period and have more time with their children.


137 Warriewood Road, Warriewood
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